M 35 and ngc 2158 with the Explore-Levy comet hunter
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Note to Macintosh users: this image is adjusted for a display gamma of 2.2 to conform to more viewers. Please adjust for this (or it will be washed out!)

Continuing with the Explore Scientific/David Levy 6 inch Mak-Newt... M-35, 15 three - minute subs at iso 800, acquired, calibrated , stacked,
and first color in Nebulosity 2.2.4. Final color, curves, and gradients in Photoshop. The scope is a 152mm f/4.8 piggybacked on the 12 inch LX200 classic.
We have removed the clips from the primary mirror which has gretly improved star quality.
Canon 350d Hap Griffin mod at prime, guided with a DSI pro and PHD on the 12 inch at f3.3
Julian, California - 15 February, 2010