ic 1311, the bunch of grapes, with streak
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for a quick view of why I call this the buncha grapes, click HERE

Note to Macintosh users: this image is adjusted for a display gamma of 2.2 to conform to more viewers. Please adjust for this (or it will be washed out!)

not enough integration, but an interesting unknown.... during a test period of a new coma corrector for a friend, this wisp of somethng came by.
It appears to be moving relative to the star field at about 8 arc minutes per hour, not the 15 one would expect from an earthly object.
ic 1311 is the nice cluster near center of this very busy field of stars...

captured with Nebulosity 2.1.10 and a Canon 350d Hap modified on an Orion 6-inch imaging Newtonian riding on the LX200 12 inch.

Guided with a DSI pro and PHD on the 12 inch at f3.3
Julian, California - 17 October 2009