M45, the Pleaides - 8 hours 30 minutes
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51 ten-minute subs. This image was acquired, calibrated with both hot and warm pixel removal, then
demosaiced and stacked using standard deviation in Nebulosity. Post processing for color in Nebulosity with final amp glow removed
using layer masking, a series of curve applications, slight saturation adjustment, and jpeg in PSCS3. I am pleased that the tiny
galaxy PGC 13696, mag 17.3, is visible about 1/4 degree west of 17 tau (Electra, the lower right star of the bowl).
There is also a bright astroid, (264) Libussa, that the standard deviation stack didn't quite remove..

Vixen ED80 at f7.5 with Hapmod Canon 350, guided using PHD, DSI Pro on the 12 inch LX200 at f6.8
--- sky very good, about 2 arc seconds, dry, no winds, 56 degrees ... November 29/30, 2008 6:50PM - 3:27AM