Comet 17p/Holmes - December 3, 2007
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big, lingering, bright, just what a comet should be. This image is a tile of 7 separate frames made around the 3rd of December 2007.
 Telescope Meade 12-inch LX 200 Classic at f/5.9
Camera Canon XT/350d modified with Baader type 1 filter by Hap Griffin
Exposure  seven tiles of sub exposures. Each tile was 2 or 3 two-minute exposures at iso 800
 Guiding  PHD pro I mono and Meade DSI pro I on ancient Meade 80mm refractor riding piggyback.
 Software  Images acquired, calibrated, stacked and color corrected with Nebulosity from Stark Labs. Further processing in Photoshop CS 3.
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