Delta II launch of COSMO satellite, over San Diego November 5th, 2010

this was a not very spectacular launch, just too late for the sunlight to give us noctilucent clouds... nevertheless, it is a neat thing to see...
this lounch was the fourth for the Italian COSMO-SkyMed series of mapping and peeking radar satellites and had a launch window of only one second...
It took four tries to get it off the ground. I started the exposure just as the main engine was peeking through the cloud layer at about T+3:20 and stopped at about T+5:19.
Main engine cutoff at T+4:36 is where the color changes from pink to blue when the hydrazine powered second stage takes over.. the star trails
are mostly Herculese and surrounds I think, the view is just north of west... Vandenberg Air Force Base is just below the horizon behind the trees.
 Telescope Canon 28-135 at 28mm, f7.1
Camera canon 40 D stock, iso 800
Exposure 119 seconds
 Guiding tripod
 Software Photoshop CS3
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