tiny Comet C/2008 P1 (Girraad) with Explore-Levy Comet Hunter Mak-Newt
click the image for a 400x close up of the circled area

Dennis Persyk pointed out this tiny dim comet the other day and wondered if one could image it with a DSLR... well, here it is, I think. It is in the right place in the sky,
and it looks a lot like Dennis' image, just rotated 90 degrees... this is a pretty stretched full (almost) frame taken with the Comet Hunter riding on the LX 200.

see Dennis' image and some more data at http://home.att.net/~dpersyk/new.htm

Acquired with the Canon 350d Hap at prime using Nebulosity 2.1.9, guided with a DSI pro and PHD on the 12 inch at f3.3
Julian, California - 20 September 2009