the Veil nebula complex, ngc 6960 and 6992
click the image for a larger file..

First light with the new Vixen ED80 with WO .8 flattener... a composite of two images. 6992 is 7 x 300 second subs
and 6960 is 12 x 300 seconds, full frame except at merge point. the new setup gives a focal length of 480 mm which
is not quite short enough to get the whole thing on one dslr frame... oh well, that's what Photoshop is for...

Vixen ED80 at f6 riding on my Meade Classic LX200 12 inch, Hap mod 350d, guided by PHD, DSI Pro on the 12 inch at f5.8
acquired, calibrated, stacked and processed with darks in Nebulosity,
post processing (assembly , levels, curves, final color in background, field flattener, noise ninja) in Photoshop CS3, no sharpening.