the sword of orion, ngc 1977, M43, and m42
click the image for a 1600 pixel view (the full image is 6800 pixels)

finally filled most of the holes... now the differences in the sky-nights is becoming obvious... weather is fine, the moon is up..
the new tile for the running man is much better than previous I think... this will be a work in progress for many years..

there are twelve basic tiles with some overlays on edges that were required to even out the vignetting, resulting in a total
of 16 tiles, most with 6 or 8 subs, and an additional three tiles for the core to give dynamic range. Outer edge subs were 480 seconds,
inner subs at 360 seconds, and the core from 1 second to 30 seconds. All except the core were at f5.8 using a normal Meade 6.3 reducer.

Acquired, stacked, calibrated, and basic color correction in Nebulosity. Final color, curves, contrast, and tile merging using Photoshop CS3.
HDR core assembled according to Jerry Lodriguss. Noise Ninja used in several places.
guiding for all was with the piggybacked Meade 80mm and DSI Pro using PHD.

thanks for looking, and comments of course... ck