the quite difficult ngc 7380 and sh2-142 - 5.5 hours
click the image for a larger file..

this is an object discovered by Caroline Herschel, and included in the general Herschel catalog as H VIII.77 describing the cluster only.
the nebulosity is Sharpless 2-142 .. this whisp of nebulosity in Cephus is a bit fainter than I had expected... it didn't show at all in 5 minute subs....
subtle reflection negulosity is beginning to show in some areas in the longer exposure.

33 x 600 second subs, Vixen ED80 at f7.5 riding on my Meade Classic LX200 12 inch, Hap mod 350d,
guided by PHD, DSI Pro on the 12 inch at f5.8 --- sky fair, a bit of haze , and quarter moon for the first twelve,
much better without moon for the last 21 exposures but the sky was a bit soft...

acquired, processed with large number bad pixel removal, calibrated with flat, and stacked in Nebulosity, no darks
post processing in Photoshop CS3 (curves, gradient, final color in background) , no sharpening or noise reduction