ngc 2237, the cluster and the Rosette nebula
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 It has been since the film years that I imagec this beautiful bit of nebulosity. I am constantly amazed by the changes that digital photography have brought to the amateur astronomy world. This subject is subject to many interpretaions of color and contrast by just as many imagers. I have chosen a middle path I think, it is pleasing to me..... at least. I might add or blend an image from the unmodified 40d to give a bit more of the blue, probably Hbeta, that is evident in the center, but am on to other things right now..

 Telescope Explore Scientific David H. Levy Comet Hunter Maksutov-Newtonian 152mm f/4.8 mounted piggyback on Meade LX 200 Classic 12 inch
Camera Canon XT/350d modified with Baader type 1 filter by Hap Griffin
Exposure  39 five-minute sub-exposures at iso 800 for a total of 3 hours 15 minutes.
 Guiding  PHD Guide from Stark labs with Meade DSI pro I on Meade 12-inch LX 200 Classic at f/3.3
 Software  Images acquired, calibrated, stacked and color corrected with Nebulosity 2.2.4 from Stark Labs. Further processing in Photoshop CS 3.
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November 16th 2010 - Julian CA