ic 434, the horsehead in Orion - 4.5 hours
processed using only Nebulosity (except final jpeg)
click image for 50% full size

27 ten-minute subs, started as Orion was rising and continuing through dawn... This image was calibrated with darks and flats and a warm pixel removal then
demosaiced and stacked using standard deviation in Nebulosity, before balancing color, applying curves and levels, and some GreyCstoration noise reduction.
converted to jpeg in Photoshop, no other processing. The flare is from zeta Orionis and seems pretty hard to avoid. A bit of cropping was needed since
Nebulosity doesn't have a gradient tool and the 350 has a persistant edge brightening, some left on the right side... probably errant heating...

Meade classic LX200 12 inch at f6.8 with Hapmod Canon 350. Images acquired and processed entirely in Nebulosity
guided by PHD, DSI Pro on the ED80 at f7.5 --- sky very good, about 3 arc seconds, no winds, 64 degrees ...