ic 417 and ngc 1931, the spider and the fly - RGB and HaRGB
click the top two images for 50% full size

first, the RGB image 110 minutes

next, the best of the combined HaRGB image with smaller stars and more iterations of Ha application


and, the Hydrogen Alpha image by itself, 175 minutes total..

the Spider and the Fly, first try at this dim object pair.... the fly, ngc 1931, on the left and ic 417, the spider, on the right.
I was surprised at how weak this pair is, 11 ten-miinute subs at iso 1600. The bottom image adds 175 minutes of H alpha.
The sky was poor for the RGB, but very good for the H alpha imaging, unfortunately, my guiding was not... the result is some fat stars...
In the larger views you can see 16.2 magnitude MP 3914 Kutogahama forming a triangle with phi Aurigae and HD35520.

AT8 f/4 Newtonian with prototype coma corrector, piggyback on the Meade classic 12 inch, Hapmod 350d controlled by Nebulosity 2.2, guided by the main tube at f3.3
with DSI pro mono and PHD. Processed using bad pixel removal, flats, color balance and ddp in Nebulosity, Final adjustments including
min/hipass enhancement, star color enhancement, GradientXTerminator, and a couple of other things in Photoshop CS3.... I blended the H alpha using
Craig nd Tammy Temple's method , many thanks but I still have a lot of tuning up to do... this is my first try ...


enjoy peaceful skies