ic 410 - the tadpoles - HaRGB - 6 hrs 20 min
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My first try at the tadpoles, an interesting target. I apologize for the bad framing, sure thought there was more on the right.
15 ten minute subs in RGB and 23 in H alpha using the astronomik 12 nm filter on a Canon 350d Hap mod. Acquired and calibrated with
Nebulosity 2.2, aligned and stacked using translation and rotation, color balanced and curved in Nebulosity 2.2. Final combination of
Ha and RGB in Photoshop using Craig and Tammy's method. Cleaned up with gradientXTerminator, Noise Ninja, and Carboni's tools.

AT8IN f/4 imaging newtonian with prototype corrector, mounted piggyback on a Meade LX200, 12-inch classic at f/3.3.
Guided with a DSI pro I and PHD via the GPUSB.

below are the H alpha and RGB images for comparison



enjoy peaceful skies