ic1396A - the Elephant Trunk Nebula
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north is up in this image, the nebulosity is known as ic 1396A, and is a part of the west edge of the large emission region of ic 1396. Several
fields above and left of this image is William Hershel's "Garnet Star" mu Cephei. The total nebula stretches almost three degrees. I worked
at finding the "color" for this area, finally settled on the color posted on the Misti Mountain site... several pure RGB images had varing degrees of
blue to purple. Jim Misti, back in 2004, made a very fine image of the trunk.... link below

 Telescope Explore Scientific David H. Levy Comet Hunter Maksutov-Newtonian 152mm f/4.8 mounted piggyback on Meade LX 200 Classic 12 inch
Camera Canon XT/350d modified with Baader type 1 filter by Hap Griffin
Exposure  total exposure of 135 minutes at iso 800
 Guiding  PHD Guide from Stark labs with Meade DSI pro I on Meade 12-inch LX 200 Classic at f/3.3
 Software  Images acquired, calibrated, stacked and color corrected with Nebulosity 2.2.4 from Stark Labs. Further processing in Photoshop CS 3.
on-line links to more information   Jim Misti's site at http://www.mistisoftware.com/astronomy/Nebulae_ic1396_1.htm