ic1396 with Vixen ED 80 - 2 hours and 4 hours
click the images for a larger file..

North to the right as I had the camera in a vertical mode. the elephant trunk and surrounds. A first try at this, found it
to be very dim... the top images is two hours (12x600s) and the bottom 4 hours (24x600s).. I am still having trouble in my processing
at the bottom end, the final blacks tend to crash with a ragged edge... Just technique I'm sure, still learning. The longer
exposure sure did bring the Ha up a lot... but my stacking seems to have blown out the star colors and I lost the small
bright red spot at the end of the trunk.... was there a few passes ago...lol

acquired, processed with massive bad pixel removal, flat calibrated, de-mosaic, and stacked using std. deviation in Nebulosity, no darks.
almost all post processing in Nebulosity: color correction, curves, scaling, color scaling, levels.
additonal pass of curves and color in PSCS3 with a little NoiseNinja before jpeg conversion.

Vixen ED80 at f7.5 (no corrector) riding on my Meade Classic LX200 12 inch, Hap mod 350d,
guided by PHD, DSI Pro on the 12 inch at f5.8 --- sky good, a bit of haze