the Helix nebula - ngc 7293 - 13 hours 20 minutes
click image for 50% full size


a big change in processing and another 22 subs... Used separate RGB channels, stacked and curved, then recombined in Nebulosity for the
base file of 58 x 10 minute, using the beyer adjustment to get closer to a good color... then, combined a new set of 22 frames using
Colors in Moton in Nebulosity... great gain in subtile detail, but also a gain in noise streaking.... so, I used that in the reconstruction as the
Luminosity channel... a bit of work, but lets me practice ith some of the Nebulosity tools that have been sitting there...
all the subs were made with the Meade Classic LX200 12 inch at f6.8, and my Hap mod 350d. Getting closer, have to reject the slight
out of round stars and maybe get another set for the Luminosity... stay tuned...

guided by PHD, DSI Pro on the ED80 at f7.5 ---