M-8 and M-20 with Vixen ED80
click the image for a larger file..

a little tight for the 600mm FL, but it fits, and has that nice star cloud as a spacer..

acquired, processed with massive bad pixel removal, flat calibrated, de-mosaic, and stacked using std. deviation in Nebulosity, no darks.
almost all post processing in Nebulosity: color correction, curves, scaling, color scaling, levels.
A little final color balance and a run of Ninja in PSCS3 before jpeg conversion.

24 x 300 seconds - Vixen ED80 at f7.5 (no corrector) riding on my Meade Classic LX200 12 inch, Hap mod 350d,
guided by PHD, DSI Pro on the 12 inch at f5.8 --- sky fair, a bit of haze, and well past the meridian....into the fog..