M 20 at f 6.8

M20, the Trifid, 7 x 180 second sub frames using the f6.8 stetup described in the M13 image. had less luck with the flat frame on this one, and there
was a bit of low elevation sky gradient that is still to be dealt with... 2000mm is about perfect for this object...if I had turned it vertical that is... ;-))

12-inch Meade LX 200 Classic at f6.8, Hap mod 350d, acquired, calibrated, aligned and stacked using standard deviation, color corrected, DDP'd and curved in Nebulosity 2b3,
Post processed ( crop, background adjst, slight noise ninja , jpeg) in Photoshop CS3

Guided by PHD using DSI ProI on an antique 80mm Meade refractor, homemade flexi piggyback thing..