Sextans-A, dwarf galaxy, with the Explore-Levy comet hunter
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Sextans A, also known as UGCA 205. is the most distant member of our local group of galaxies at about 4.3 million light years.
It is quite small, about 5000 light years across. Its claim to fame is the square shape. Likewise, it is quite faint at magnitude 11.9
spread over a 5 x 6 arc miute area. This image is a 22 arc minute wide portion of the original frame, drizzled up 150%. The above frame is
approximately a crop of the original full frame... a single full frame with this section highlighted is below the data table..
 Telescope Explore Scientific David H. Levy Comet Hunter Maksutov-Newtonian 152mm f/4.8 mounted piggyback on Meade LX 200 Classic 12 inch
Camera Canon XT/350d modified with Baader type 1 filter by Hap Griffin
Exposure  27 five-minute sub-esposures at iso 1600
 Guiding  PHD Guide from Stark labs with Meade DSI pro I on Meade 12-inch LX 200 Classic at f/3.3
 Software  Images acquired, calibrated, stacked and color corrected with Nebulosity 2.2.4 from Stark Labs using 150% drizzle up stacking. Further processing in Photoshop CS 3.
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Julian, California - 14 March, 2010

this is one frame, stretched to show the galaxy. The full frame spans 1.7 x 1.1 degrees