ngc 3718, 3729, and the Hickson group 56
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NGC 3718 is the larger very disturbed spiral (Arp 214) and the smaller is 3729. They are probably interacting
and lie about 52 million light years away in the constellation Ursa Major.
Near bottom center is a small group of interacting galaxies, Hickson 56 (Arp 322), that lie
over 400 million light years away.

A good description of what might be happening can be found at Universe Today (Dietmar Hagar's image)

seventeen 10-minute subs with the 350DG on the 12 inch Meade Classic at f6.8.
Acquired, calibrated, and stacked in Nebulosity 2.1.0, final color and sharpening in Photoshop CS3.

guided through the Vixen ED80 (synta) , DSI pro I, and PHD via Shoestring GPUSB adapter