M 33 with the Explore-Levy comet hunter, 250 minutes
click the image for a 50% pixel view

Note to Macintosh users: this image is adjusted for a display gamma of 2.2 to conform to more viewers. Please adjust for this (or it will be washed out!)

Continuing with the Explore Scientific/David Levy 6 inch Mak-Newt... M-33, 25 ten - minute subs at iso 800, acquired and calibrated with warm pixel conversion
and first color in Nebulosity 2.1.9a, curves and gradients in Photoshop. The scope is a 152mm f/4.8 piggybacked on the 12 inch LX200 classic.
The moon had set and the sky was good.... stable to an arc second, but visual magnitude of only about 5...

I am homing in on this scope, and have almost eliminated the flexure. Also, for this image, like the cocoon done earlier, I avoided the usual DDP in favor of a
series of small curve adjusments in an attempt to maintain star color. It was pretty successful I think, I didn't use any enhancement of the
stars for this, and only a slight Noise Ninga on the background. I plan to add some H-alpha during the coming moon phase...

Canon 350d Hap Griffin mod at prime, guided with a DSI pro and PHD on the 12 inch at f3.3
Julian, California - 24 September 2009