M95 in Leo, 12 inch at f6.8
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a classic barred spiral in Leo, next to another one (M96) that makes a good pair in lower power eyepieces...
acquired using the Classic 12-inch Meade at f6.8 on February 1/2 and the 28th, 2009 from the observatory in Jullian

44, 600-second sub-exposures with a Canon 350d modified by Hap Griffin, acquired, calibrated, and stacked using Nebulosity 2.0.11.
Post processed including warm pixel conversion, ddp, and background correction with Nebulosity,
then further processed with curves, gradientEXterminator, Noise Ninja, and Carboni's tools in Photoshop CS3.

guided through the Vixen ED80 (synta) , DSI pro I, and PHD via Shoestring GPUSB adapter